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" Grandma looked at her and asked not help exports. " I nodded, "basking in that for those children with you. " "Tang Yucheng. "Grandma, you go out to see the thing after all let me follow you." Soul sister nodded, "Yes, this is Jojo's grandmother, aunt call you on the line. " Grandma sat down beside me, looking at me, "Jiao Long ah, you know why some things and you can see big Ah or something with your age children can not see. Canadiens jerseys for sale I was choking speechless, soul sister took my hand, "Well, sister to lead you to do inspections, and we then listen Zhuoshu Shu how to say ah.

" Grandma took me turned around and went the elevator, "No, you can not live in this layer." Xu dollars looked at me, his face so unknown, "how the Jiao Long. Tracy inside her husband's father left a skeleton, what clothes are bad light, but askew skeleton legs should be the big mouse to knock, knock to give a bare legs, then Tracy's husband can not stand directly knelt down, crying with his mouth "Dad, ah, ah filial son, let you go so long was also the scourge ah!" I looked at the skeleton do not think how scary, but when you think of Tracy and her mother's legs a bit uncomfortable, then the grandmother told me that people will continue to feel pain, but because they can not go directly to the that only indirectly find their loved ones home to convey the pain, so to accomplish their own purposes. "Sister, I have lived in the mountains, so you do not know me. Really interesting, not seen face changing so fast people, but for me he was scared into what was a bit strange but I will see how he, a man's grandmother said yang feet, after over twelve years old, Ding a long the whole will not see, and I find it very strange, I rarely see so clearly, and could have been seen, really have to ask the grandmother. Canadiens jerseys for men "You'd tell ah, before you do not have to break someone else had it, how it would not do to their family.

" Grandmother if asleep, eyes closed, did not answer, I turned his body, back directed grandmother, listening to the rails rattle rattle grumble grumble of sound, do not know how long, between sleeping and waking, I feel grandma sitting to my bed, touched my hand, then gently sighed. "Who cried, I cried what eyes quilt acids long time!" Grandmother abruptly responded, I do not know what to make grandma grandpa eyes, so grandpa directly on the kang, what did not ask once. Canadiens jerseys for kids " Elevator rise of the moment, I feel limp and direct hugged her grandmother: "This move !! basking!" Soul sister laughed: "Jojo, this is the elevator, we stand there, it will give us upstairs, you see, this number is rising it. "There is no other reason for it." "Oh, a little child you speak so what many think, you tell me, this is a loud noise in the end. Canadiens jerseys for babies He leaped to run for a long time, and suddenly all of a sudden fell to his knees on the ground, his hands tightly grabbed his neck, his face turned red red just like that time was Fengxia mouth Zhang also said: " do not tease me, do not tease me, give me strangled .