About the Authors

We love to travel! We (Janice Russell and Jamee Thieme) took our first trip together in 2001 and have traveled at least once a year since. With a couple of exceptions, we have traveled internationally. Any location in the world is fair game as long as it is safe.

As a way of brief introduction, we met while teaching special education in Montgomery County, Maryland. After a “trial trip” in 2001, we found that we traveled well together because we had similar interests and philosophies. Our goal is to keep traveling until either time or money run out! Since 2001, Janice has changed professions and states. Jamee has retired from teaching and is looking forward to her next adventure. Regardless of where we are and what we are doing, we make yearly travel a priority.

We like to tour with groups so that we don’t have to spend lots of time planning. We have met many people who have travelled much more extensively than we have. At the same time, we have discovered that many people marvel at our level of preparation and organization. So we decided to share our time tested travel tips with others so that they could benefit from our experience. Our tips are mainly for people who travel internationally although many of the hints are universal for all types of journeys. Even though we tend to tour with groups, the advice is for all types of travel.

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