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" "But -?? I was in the end who is also why I do not remember." Girls do not know when it was standing behind me, I suddenly big embarrassment, blushing, said:. He stared at it, did not forget gulped - Snow face the embarrassment of showing only hand cover the cover: "I'm sorry, I was wearing dirty clothes uncomfortable, they could not find, and you could not find here are the girl's clothes, so, you, you secretly find in your closet a piece of clothing to put on. Small two gilded tongue to lick the snow, nestled in the snow to find her mother's arms as the same - small second, fear of life, I have never seen such a small two pairs of strangers affectionate, even I also sometimes tepid hot. Sudden unexpected doorbell rang. I turned my head, she was in one hand and I bought her bra. She wrote at rub, I saw a blood-red on the back of the hand - all the blood. Yes, the screams from the bedroom! "She is calling for help me!" I did not reflect, even the lights have not had time to open it stand up from the couch and the next burst into the bedroom. this is the case, the house could be the girl in the end what people? I grew more and more afraid not think of going.

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