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He is a psychologist, but addition also has studied medicine, I try the phone with him to explain the situation in detail. But silent tears pharynx, not a sad painting, except I do not know what to answer to this sad gesture - that Yuan Xiaohua dead, many of them patted me on the shoulder and told me to falsely learn to forget, they pretend to know what I was thinking, and I was able to understand how sad." "Do not worry, I did not malicious, of course, if the inconvenience to me it does not matter. No other nearby supermarket, almost every day to and from the fixed cashier, fixed group of consumers, have recognized each other. Carefully put her in bed, I could not turn around, then Zuodao the ground, do not know why, at this moment there is no joy of success. buy football jerseys cheap Until it is about a foot away from the distance, was about to see, and that was actually a shadow group of people next to the fence - to be exact is a girl! She motionless, hands hold the legs, squatting on the ground, I guess she is a girl from that based on the long locks of hair and shoulders. Snow looked at me so flustered, comfort does not come out: "I'm sorry I think it would not be directed at me, I am now an unsure path what happened, but I must have hurt you, sorry!. Empty, people on the street tonight, really small. That night, no time to reflect, to go home like an arrow. buy football jerseys Exposing a strange expression, even away, he has been looking at me." Although not very clear, but her face, I feel a little faint with fear.

" Girl suddenly covered book, looked up at me. ""Oh. "Tired you sleep well, I'm sorry," I said to the bow. buy football jerseys from china johns and corsets. The cashier is very profound meaning smile, whispered: "? House guests," I did not answer, hurriedly got money, they flew out of the bag in one hand with supermarkets, lined up behind Aunt sound immediately after another, it seems a few days these women gossip, and I am honored to have the list of the possible. . Standing in the living room, I stared, a surge of happiness to my heart has been above the Bay." Samsam waiter walked away." "Oh," the girl stood up behind me, I did not pay attention, turned directly back to the study, the medicine chest of a release, and shoved. She ate four consecutive cream sandwich tempo was slowed, and I also sat opposite watching her eat a piece. buy Flyers jersey

I feel terrible. "No, that's right. "You should also remember, ah, the ninth day of the night you pour on the road, I passed, I bring you back," she blankly watching I do not know if I have the impression. Her name is unknown, home address, social relations do not know, just know that she is a woman's sex. "Thank you also run a special trip down to this, that you do not want to come sit. Touched her face, my hands like an electric shock-like withdrew - she will have to face how cold than I wet towels." No wonder early in the morning and not see small second shadow, will afford it went to another house guest went. "Rice well, come on. blood red, dark red . I just stared at her face appeared that expression of pain again, and I was afraid she lost control again busy added: "Forget it, forget, or pains.