People who travel with me know that I love splash. River, ocean, falls, lake, I am all about how the water splashes on or over rocks. I sit with camera pointed to “the spot” and snap shot after shot.

I am mesmerized by getting just the perfect picture of splash. I used to take lots of pictures when I had a film camera, so you can image now that I have a digital camera I take tons of pictures! This wouldn’t seem to be too much of a problem since I am only using a memory card and hard drive space. However, I have discovered another side affect of the splash addiction: time and procrastination.

I am very organized in how I process my pictures. First, I upload them to Creative Memories Memory Manager 3.0. I love the way that I can organize pictures in this program! Then I go through them and delete or modify. Finally, I upload to Snapfish to print them out. Yes, I am still an old-fashioned scrapbooker when it comes to my travel photos. Seems pretty straight-forward, right? The glitch is that since I might take hundreds of pictures on any single day and hence thousands of pictures on a trip, it is time-consuming to process the pictures. Hence, I tend to procrastinate until I feel like I have a “good chunk of time” to go through the pictures.

Now I really enjoy looking at pictures from my trips, so it isn’t like dealing with them is an onerous task. But it does take time. So as I consider ways to enjoy my photography and scrapbooking hobby without procrastinating, I figure I have a couple of choices:
• Take fewer splash pictures
• Delete more from the camera prior to uploading them to Memory Manager
• Not worry about choosing perfect pictures

So I’ll have to let you know how I fare after my next trip. In the meantime, I am open to suggestions for how to overcome my “splash addiction.”