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" I froze for a moment, watching the grandmother, "I rescued the big Ah?" I do not remember, the last memory that I kept fluttering in the river, extremely uncomfortable. The first time was in the river when pulling large Ah Fengxia want to die, I save big Ah, but that he saved himself. buy wholesale nhl hockey jerseys from " I no longer speak, although I have not inconsistent with this soul sister, but I hate them hard to buckle my head a girl's hat, in fact, do not know what kind of awkward discomfort. " I smiled at her, "Well, you are my friend." Grandma did not sound, long while before touched my face, mouth Tao "Jiao Long ah, you go sleep it ah, you all just fine." Grandma nodded." "You know what, I have to go the day after tomorrow, you quietly it you . buy wholesale nfl jerseys china I was choking speechless, soul sister took my hand, "Well, sister to lead you to do inspections, and we then listen Zhuoshu Shu how to say ah. buy wholesale nhl nfl jerseys

Grandma serious face walked up to me, crouched down and looked at me, "Are you Mr." Soul sister is also the side talking. buy wholesale nhl hockey jerseys At this time, lying on the sofa Zhuo scene began to twitch, soul sister turned, a face full of tears: "aunt, you would not hit ." I took a step back, "Why ah!" Then, I went to close the door press the button "I sister said I could play this elevator!" "Well, you told me in high spirits brats is not it!" He looked at me, pulling my leg will come out." Grandmother should be directly in the side of." I can not help but mouth and asked, "Let wasp to sting you, but the sting is not finished so ah." I put my head out of the window twist to express my cynicism.

His mouth side gets slightly, looked at me, "Zhuo unicorn." I listened to the words of Fengxia stunned for a moment, "what what ah long. " I simmering breath, waiting at the door grandma below." I carefully to what you just saw the child's place looked really nothing he shook his head, thinking, seeing things may be true. When I want to ask what the mouth when Xu Gang catch ran over, his mouth has been loudly shouting "Ma aunt, jade pendant, jade pendant to find it!" Shouting, he ran into the house, watching the look of angry grandmother "really let that bitch away, she took possession of my house pendant corn barn, and that is my mother gone are gone, wearing this stuff useless, she put together money to sell them stuff, you say this Prodigal bitch, this is an ordinary pendant, my mother was young I am not willing to buy their own gold to buy silver, take the time to specifically told her to wear Men go with this, people do not think of the following joke, which she Ganna ah, still carrying me, mad at me! " Grandma stood up and looked at him "Well, the first mention of these, you quickly find in the village a few burly man points to a tiger, and then go from grave to put this to your mother." Heart Yun looked into the room, "Oh, it seems that Liu Waner go out, and did not in." I did not hear back, then went to the house to protect the family cents that, I looked at the sign, as well as ginseng brand before incense burn, and I lit out of three straight, while tears while plugged in, "Son my grandfather was basking with three lame to play, they can not drop what the root cause of it.